2020 Summer Checklist

Summer is a time for rejuvenation and growth. While many are relaxing, some students and families are looking new learning opportunities. Whether this includes credit recovery, skills remediation, or enrichment, Taylion is here to support and empower you in reaching your goals.

Enroll for Our Summer Program!

Our online summer program is available for 9-12th grade students looking to catch up on credits, get ahead, or simply stay on track for graduation. With Taylion, students are engaged with meaningful content and resources for parents to ensure each learner attains their academic goals.

Best of all? A flexible schedule means students can still enjoy their summer!

What does our program support?

Credit Recovery

If you’re behind on credits, summer school is an excellent opportunity to catch cup while still having plenty of time to enjoy your break. Our teachers at Taylion will support you at every step. Enroll today!

Accelerated Learning

If you’re an incoming 9th grader, or simply looking to get ahead, summer school with Taylion can help. Earn credits through our flexible online program!

Core, General, and Elective Courses

Choose from a wide range of courses this summer. See our course catalog for more information!

Have you completed your Summer Checklist?

Speak with your school counselor about registering for summer school.

Catch up on credits, get ahead, or simply stay on track!

Fill out your Intent to Re-Enroll for this coming fall

Registration packets are available until July, so be sure to submit your paperwork. Download or contact our offices to have a packet mailed to your home. Find it here.

Set a reminder!

The fall semester begins August 28th. Be sure to check our website to learn the day and time of your orientation.