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Truth About Charters Fact Sheet

The public has never been more supportive of California's charter public schools based on growth in charter school enrollment, waiting list numbers, and polling data. Yet while charter schools enjoy strong support, there are vocal critics who perpetuate a number of myths. Through our series, the Truth About Charters, we hope to clarify common misperceptions by providing responses based on fact and independent research. Click on each Truth below to learn more.
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Over 580,000 Students Choose Charter Schools in 2015-16

An estimated 581,100 students are enrolled in charter public schools across the state for the 2015-16 school year. An additional 80 new charter schools opened their doors, bringing the total number of charter schools in California to 1,230. California remains the state with the greatest number of charter public schools, and the most students enrolled in charter schools, anywhere in the country.
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A Step Up: How Charter Schools Provide Higher Levels of California Public University Access

Report includes first-of-its kind dataset combining data from the University of California (UC) system, the Cal State University (CSU) system, and all California public high schools, which demonstrates that charter schools are helping increase access to college for thousands of historically disadvantaged youth in California, including minority, low income and first-generation college-going students.
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