Our Pathways

Our three pathways are designed to help students decide what their goals & focus areas will be after Taylion. Students will meet with a counselor as part of the enrollment process to discuss the three pathways below and create a plan for success.

Credit Recovery

This path is carefully crafted to benefit students whom are currently credit deficient and are at risk of not meeting their school’s academic standards for graduation. Our open enrollment and year-round structure allow students to enroll at any time in the school year and recover credits to make sufficient academic progress. Once the student has benefited from the alternative model and has received the necessary support they have the option to return to their local high school or graduate with Taylion Academy.

College & Career Pathway

This path is an effective education model for students who are on track to graduation and aim to seek higher education. It’s designed to provide challenging courses for the preparation of higher education and career pathways by encouraging dual enrollment at local community colleges and hands-on career experience. It’s also highly recommended for students who are interested in completing courses at an accelerated rate.

Adult Education

This path is tailored to support students who will not be meeting graduation requirements prior to the age of 20. It’s extremely beneficial for students within the age range of 18 to 24 or those who have a gap in their education but still wish to receive a high school diploma. Students who are enrolled in this path will have the opportunity to benefit from our community partnerships and engage in further career training.
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