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Taylion Academy provides extensive preparation for students when they reach their last year of high school. Our online 12th-grade classes offer students a convenient and comprehensive high school curriculum. Our school provides the best education to help grade 12 high school students meet the requirements for receiving an official diploma.

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12th Grade Courses

12th grade is an ideal time to begin exploring your options for postsecondary education. There are various routes you can take: online learning, traditional public or private schools, homeschooling, and dual enrollment programs.

12th graders will be taking advanced math, language arts, science, and social studies courses as part of their grade 12 online core curriculum. Additionally, they will be offered a variety of selections that they can take as electives that are tailored toward their career aspirations.

For 12th graders, Taylion Academy is the ideal school for them because we provide them with all of the opportunities to excel in their chosen field of study and beyond. Furthermore, having an encouraging support system in place will keep students motivated and engaged throughout their school careers.

Making sure your child is prepared and career-ready

Online high school classes are ideal for students who prefer to learn at their own pace, work independently, and possess a passion for knowledge. These specialized programs are rigorous and college-preparatory and can be tailored to each student’s individual needs. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, writing, research, and reading comprehension, as well as providing exposure to career pathways.

In addition to online learning, students also connect with Student Success Coaches, who offer tailored support and extra resources. Parents can track progress and receive accurate records of student accomplishments.

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Finding the ideal school for your child requires taking time to explore all available options. Enroll your child in the best education they need at Taylion Academy, and you might be pleasantly surprised at all of your choices!
Taylion Academy is an ideal option for self-motivated students who wish to earn college credit while also exploring their interests.
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