Flexible Online Classes To Earn Your Online High School Diploma

Taylion Academy provides an alternative educational experience from a traditional on-campus high school. Our diploma program online allows students in California to complete courses at their own pace and in their own location. Students complete six courses per semester, including both core and elective courses.

The Benefits of Online Classes for Diploma Students

The high school program at Taylion Academy is ideal for many different types of students. Those who prefer a more comfortable learning experience from home will benefit from the self-paced study. Students who need additional time to master concepts have the ability to review materials and work throughout the day with assistance from our certified, experienced teachers and support staff.

The online high school diploma program is also ideal for students interested in dual enrollment. Students can complete courses from Taylion Academy online while also enrolled in community college courses.

We also offer online diploma programs for adults who need additional course credits for graduation. These flexible programs allow students to work and complete the required courses to earn their high school diploma.

An online high school diploma from Taylion Academy prepares students to enter the workforce or continue with their academic studies. Our courses are fully accredited and offer a wide variety of electives that allow students to develop passions and interests that build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

If you are looking for free online schools to get your diploma in California, contact our enrollment specialists at 760-951-5501 or message us online. We can provide information on our credit recovery and online high school diploma programs.