Opening Opportunities with Online STEM Courses For Students

Taylion Academy focuses on providing quality online education for students in California from kindergarten through high school graduation. Our curriculum meets or exceeds all state requirements, and our courses prepare students to advance in their academic pursuits or to begin a career after graduation.

The Importance of Online STEM Learning Opportunities

All courses are essential, and our core and elective programs provide options for students to pursue their interests. Our online STEM education program includes science, technology, engineering, and math classes that are engaging and interesting.

These classes are taught by experienced teachers with a passion for helping children from kindergarten to grade 12 develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students develop the ability to utilize science, math, engineering, and technology concepts throughout life. Taking the STEM program online at Taylion Academy is a critical step in preparing for college academics or finding a job.

The ability to use information learned from online STEM courses for students in real-world situations helps students to be prepared for work and life after graduation.

Exciting Students about Learning

Through projects, exploration, and assignments, students gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Students learning through homeschooling can work at their own pace, set their daily schedule, and review material to reach mastery. They have confidence in knowing they are fully supported by Taylion Academy staff throughout their time in our homeschooling programs.

Students looking for online STEM classes throughout California can enroll in Taylion Academy online. To find out more, call us today at 760-951-5501 or reach out online for more information.