Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Online Charter, Elementary & High School In Barstow, Ca

Explore Your Options

Looking at your educational options in Barstow, CA? Many people do not realize that charter schools are an option and think that they are limited to looking at either private schools or the public schools where they are zoned. However, charter schools, which are public schools that are run by private groups, are an option for kids in California. Taylion High Desert Academy offers even more flexibility for families. Instead of being a traditional charter school, it is one of the online charter schools offering maximum flexibility for today’s students.

Why Choose an Online Charter School?

Families choose online public schools for so many reasons. Some of the reasons we hear are:

  • The high schools near me have problems with drugs or violence.
  • The elementary schools near me have a bullying problem.
  • My child is falling behind in traditional school.
  • My child has a health issue that is incompatible with traditional school.
  • My child is ahead of the class and bored in regular school.
  • We are concerned about the risks of COVID-19 exposure in brick-and-mortar schools.


We offer flexibility for parents, from kindergarten all the way through graduation. We have kindergarten homeschool programs, online public elementary school, online public high school, and even an independent study program for students who want to blaze their own trails. In addition, we have a high school program designed for adults who want to return to school and get their diplomas. Because we offer a customizable education experience, we really are able to offer so much more than the traditional school environment.

Is Online School Right for My Family?

Maybe. Online education is not right for every kid or for every family. However, if you feel like your family is just not reaping the full benefits of a brick-and-mortar education, you owe it to your kids to find out more about Taylion High Desert Academy.