Flexibility For Students At Our TK-12 Online Charter School in Helendale, CA

Students and families in Helendale, CA, can choose an alternative to traditional schooling. Taylion Academy provides a free TK-12 online charter school that offers flexible, remote, online, and independent studies for students from kindergarten through to graduation.

Our goal at Taylion Academy is to prepare our students and to support families in homeschooling their kids to succeed in a career or as they move on to college. We provide three different options for families to consider, and students and families may move between paths during their time with Taylion Academy.

Three Paths to Success

Parents and students can choose from an online model, independent study, or online homeschool programs. Each of the programs offers support for students and parents through online support, small group interactions, or meeting with a facilitator on a weekly basis.

Our online and independent study programs provide small group education in nearby high schools or in one of the three locations in our area. Parents in the homeschool path have weekly support from our homeschooling facilitators to provide resources and support.

Just as in the nearest elementary schools to me, our programs include social activities and time for children of all ages to interact. They also provide students the time to work one-on-one with teachers, either in-person or remotely.

When you are ready to enroll your child in our kindergarten school or for independent study near me in the Helendale, CA, area, call Taylion Academy at 760-951-5501.