Hate Homework? Online School Might Be the Answer

Are you one of the millions of families who are sick of homework? Kids go to school for a full day, then come home to hours and hours of homework. If it was helping kids learn more, it might be worth it. However, with students in the U.S. falling behind students in other countries that do not have so much homework, it seems counterproductive. It may surprise you to find out that online charter schools, which are public schools that children attend online, may actually result in less stress and less homework than if your child attends a brick-and-mortar school. Taylion High Desert Academy and online virtual academy based in Barstow and providing services for students in Hesperia, CA, and the surrounding area, might be the solution for your family.

Why Choose Online School?

People have many reasons for choosing online schools. Some of the top reasons we hear from parents are:

The high schools near me have a drug or violence problem.

There are no brick-and-mortar charter schools near me.

My student needs an independent study program.

The elementary schools near me cannot meet my child’s health needs.

What Grades Does Taylion High Have?

Taylion High Desert Academy offers TK-12 services. Our kindergarten program is flexible, offering homeschooling and tutoring options. Our high school program allows students who are behind to catch up but lets advanced students work ahead. We even have high school programs for adults returning for their high school diplomas.

How Can Online School Reduce Homework?

Because students do not have to take time with the “busy work” of traditional schools, they can concentrate on their coursework during class time. For most students, this means completing their assignments well within the hours they would normally be at school, providing students and families with additional free time.