Taylion Academy Offering Independent Study Near Me in Lake Arrowhead, CA

There are many excellent traditional elementary through high schools in and around the Lake Arrowhead, CA, area. However, these schools focus on providing instruction to large classes of students. Depending on your child’s learning style, this type of education setting may not be developing the skills and ability your child will need to move on to college or a career.

At Taylion Academy, we offer a different solution. We are a free TK-12 online charter school that includes a kindergarten school, and elementary, middle, and high school programs. Parents and students choose from three different paths, including our online model, independent study, and homeschool path. Each of our programs offers flexibility, a unique approach to education, and the ability to create your child’s learning experience.

The Benefits of Taylion Academy

Our online homeschool programs offer each child the ability to create a school day that works for their needs. Students can study at times that work for them, pace their learning, and work where they feel most comfortable.

At the same time, we offer small group instruction at three different locations throughout the High Desert, providing support for educational professionals who can respond to the needs of students. Parents do not need to worry about getting their students to the nearest elementary school near me every day or even taking the student to nearby high schools throughout the week. Instead, students can meet with instructors remotely, getting answers to questions from home.

To find out more about our courses for students in Lake Arrowhead, CA, call us today at 760-951-5501.