Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Online Charter, Elementary & High School In Lancaster, Ca

Non-Traditional Learning in Lancaster

Do you have a teen who is tired of the high schools near me? Does your younger child struggle to keep up or have to deal with bullies at the elementary schools near me? If so, you may be frustrated with what seems to be a lack of options. Many parents in the Lancaster, CA area think that if they are unhappy with their local public schools, their only options are expensive private schools. However, Taylion High Desert Academy is an online virtual academy offering educational solutions for students in grades TK-12.

Online Education Works

Online charter schools have experienced an explosion in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike local public schools that were not designed for online education, online charter schools are built from the ground-up with online delivery and assessment in mind. At Taylion High Desert Academy, we develop our curriculums to be compatible with online delivery and specially train our teachers to work in a virtual environment. This specialized approach can make online education work, even for students who struggled when public schools transitioned to an online environment last year. In fact, we even offer kindergarten homeschool programs so that kindergarteners can begin virtual learning before they start in a formal online program.


One of the best things about online school is its flexibility. Students at Taylion range from kids who were struggling in traditional schools and needed help to catch up to children who were advanced and bored in a traditional school environment. Our independent study program allows families to tailor the children’s education to the child’s educational needs and to the family’s lifestyle. Focus on doing what is right for your kid and your family without feeling like you have to sacrifice your child’s education.