An Alternative To A Traditional Kindergarten School Through Grade 12 in Phelan, CA

Parents and students in Phelan, CA, have options to traditional in-person schools throughout the district. Taylion Academy offers a unique TK-12 online charter school that caters to students from kindergarten through grade 12.

We offer three different options or paths to provide students with exceptional online, homeschool, or independent study options. Our kindergarten school through to our high school focuses on students of all ability levels who find traditional schools a poor fit for their learning needs.

A Customized Approach to Education

Just like nearby high schools and elementary schools, our student’s complete assignments, have access to exceptional teachers and educators, and have the ability to attend a nearby high school, middle school, or elementary school for small group instruction. The flexibility of these programs allows students and families to plan their day, engage in diverse content, and have the support they need to meet the learning goals and objectives for each grade.

No matter where you live in Phelan, CA, and the surrounding area, you do not have to worry about schedules and getting your child to the nearest elementary school near me. Instead, your child can participate in online homeschool programs that challenge them to learn, discover, and master the learning they need to move into a career.

Taylion Academy is a leading provider of programs that provide highly effective homeschooling, online, and independent study near me. To find out more about our paths to academic success, call the school at 760-951-5501.