Online Homeschool Programs And More For Students In Wrightwood, CA

School is a wonderful experience for most students, but it is not right for all children. Many children find large classrooms overwhelming and intimidating, while others may find them distracting or too slow, or too fast-paced. Academic learning is geared towards most students, which can leave some students struggling and other students bored with the work.

Three Paths to Graduation

At Taylion Academy, we offer our TK-12 online charter school as a free option for students and parents in Wrightwood, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our school offers three paths for students and families to choose from. These include the online model, independent study, and our homeschool programs.

When you choose the online model or independent study near me, students have the option to meet for small group instruction at nearby high schools or at the nearest elementary school near me where were hold our groups. Students can interact with teachers and other students or reach out for one-on-one support from our educators through our remote programs.

In addition, we offer online homeschool programs that provide weekly check-ins with the family by one of our facilitators. This is a great way to get resources, find answers to questions, and plan social events for the kids.

Students in Wrightwood, CA, can begin their academic career at our kindergarten school, or they can transition from traditional classrooms to the flexible programs offered at Taylion Academy. For more information or to enroll, call us at 760-951-5501.