Online Elementary School In Victorville, CA, Is Online School Right For Your Family?

At Taylion High Desert Academy, an online virtual elementary school in Victorville, CA, one of the top questions we get is why families choose online charter schools. Every family at our school is unique and has its own combination of reasons for choosing an online school. However, we do hear families repeat similar reasons for choosing online schools.

Why Parents Say They Chose an Online Elementary School

  • The elementary schools close to me cannot meet my child’s needs.
  • The elementary schools close to me are not highly rated.
  • My child is falling behind in traditional school.
  • My child has experienced bullying at the public elementary schools near me.

In addition to the reasons we usually hear, COVID-19 has become a huge concern for parents. Parents tell us “The elementary schools around me are not taking COVID-19 seriously.”

Helping Kids Catch Up

Parents are also expressing frustration from the last years of public education. School districts pivoted to online but were not set up for online education. Combine that with the fear, stress, and uncertainty that many kids were experiencing at home, and many elementary students fell behind in school. Parents are nervous, as they should be. Elementary education provides the foundation for lifelong learning. While it is perfectly understandable that students struggled last year, it can create challenges for the coming years. Taylion High Desert Academy has summer programs for elementary students that can help students catch up. We also offer flexibility in our online programs so that students who are struggling can catch up instead of getting further behind.

Increase Your Options

Stop thinking “My child must attend the nearest elementary school to me.” Taylion High Desert Academy is here to offer options for your family. Contact us for more information.