Graduation Requirements

To graduate with their high school diploma, students must complete 220 credits.  This breakdowns to a minimum of:

  • 4 years of English (or 40 credits)
  • 3 years of Social Science (or 30 credits)
  • 2 years of Math (or 20 credits)
  • 2 years of Science (or 20 credits)
  • 2 years of P.E. (or 20 credits)
  • 1 year of World Language (or 10 credits)
  • 1 semester of Health (or 5 credits)
  • 75 credits of Elective Classes
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When enrolling with Taylion, students meet with a counselor to discuss plans after graduation or outline how their credit completion could change if they chose to graduate at another school. No matter how or why a student joins the Taylion family, we are here to support you at every step.

High School Diploma Victorville CA


Subject Area Years of Study for Cal State Years of Study for UC
  History/Social Science 2 years 2 years
  English 4 years 4 years
  Mathematics 3 years 3 years
  Laboratory Science 2 years 3 years
  Language other than English 2 years 3 years
  Visual and Performing Arts 1 year 1 year
  College-Preparatory Elective 1 year 1 year

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