Graduation Requirements

To graduate with their high school diploma, students must complete 220 credits.  This breakdowns to a minimum of:

  • 4 years of English (or 40 credits)
  • 3 years of Social Science (or 30 credits)
  • 2 years of Math (or 20 credits)
  • 2 years of Science (or 20 credits)
  • 2 years of P.E. (or 20 credits)
  • 1 year of World Language (or 10 credits)
  • 1 semester of Health (or 5 credits)
  • 75 credits of Elective Classes
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When enrolling with Taylion, students meet with a counselor to discuss plans after graduation or outline how their credit completion could change if they chose to graduate at another school. No matter how or why a student joins the Taylion family, we are here to support you at every step.


Subject Area Years of Study for Cal State Years of Study for UC
  History/Social Science 2 years 2 years
  English 4 years 4 years
  Mathematics 3 years 3 years
  Laboratory Science 2 years 3 years
  Language other than English 2 years 3 years
  Visual and Performing Arts 1 year 1 year
  College-Preparatory Elective 1 year 1 year

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