Middle School Program (6-8) In Victorville, CA

Taylion offers students in Victorville, CA, looking for nearby middle schools in-person and online instruction for grades 6, 7, and 8.

Middle School math provides instruction, practice, and review designed to develop computational fluency, deepen conceptual understanding, and apply mathematical practices. Middle School Science delivers instruction, practice, and review to help students develop scientific literacy.

Middle School Language Arts allows for instruction, practice, and review focused on building communication and reading comprehension skills. Writing lessons combine free-response exercises with strategies and examples to help students communicate clearly. 

Social Studies offers practice and review designed to build students’ knowledge of the World (ancient and contemporary) and US History. PE integrates instruction in health and physical education in its course. 

Electives are provided to all middle school students with courses that include drawing, health, and SEL courses..

  • Promotion from middle school to high school will be granted to each middle school student who has completed the basic program requirements.

In order to prepare students for life after High School, we offer a full range of Elective Courses such as:

View the entire course catalog here: https://cdn.apexlearning.com/course_pdfs/course_list/course_list_California.pdf

Victorville, CA, middle school students must meet credit requirements in order to graduate. Taylion’s high school graduation requirements are 220 credits.

  • English 
    • 40 credits – (Core English Curriculum)
  • Mathematics 
    • 20 Credits – (The first year of Algebra must be completed)
  • Life Science 
    • 20 credits Total
      • 10 credits in Life Science
      • 10 Credits of Physical Science
  • Physical Education 
    • 20 credits
  • Social Science 
    • 30 credits Total
      • 10 credits of World History
      • 10 Credits of U.S. History
      • 5 Credits of Government
      • 5 Credits of Economics
  • Health/Safety/Careers
    • 5 Credits
  • Visual/Performance arts or World Language
    • 10 Credits
  • General Electives
    • 75 Credits
  • Total: 220 Credits

Students looking for 8th-grade schools or middle schools “near me”, “around me”, and “closest to me” will also be required to complete any additional requirements mandated by the district for the current school year.