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Thank you for being a part of the Taylion family. Our mission is to bridge any achievement gap you may face, and help you succeed in becoming college and career ready through personalized learning. We are proud to offer several flexible programs and pathways to meet your needs! You can attend appointments or receive in-person support at one of our three convenient learning center locations located in Victorville or Adelanto, California. We also offer hybrid courses where you can take classes both in the classroom and online. A third option is to take classes completely online.Taylion believes that teamwork is at the center of a successful student. Our student success coaches are the advocates of, and on behalf-of students. They fight for our students and support you as you grow and achieve new goals.

Our Student Success Coaches play a critical role in your education. They communicate, push and encourage their students, while also celebrating your wins and success! Our Educators are integral in implementing areas of opportunity of growth for our students by using tools such as Renaissance STAR assessments. We know that every student journey is different, which is why we proudly use testing to identify student strengths and weaknesses. The Renaissance STAR Assessment allows us to better support and help guide students toward success.

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PSB Kids – Learning Videos and Games featuring PBS Characters

Math Games -Free online math games for kids PK-8

National Geographic Kids -Free games and videos about animals, history, science, and more

ReadWriteThink -Free collection of resources to aid in reading, writing, and critical thinking – Over 30,000 digital and printable resources including worksheets, games and activities

MetKids –  An interactive guide to explore the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art

Care Solace:


Additional Resources – High School

Khan Academy – Free resource for deep understanding of Math, science, Grammar, History, SAT, AP and more:

Quill – Free writing and grammar activities –

YouTube EDU –

College Planning for High School Students – Courses to help create winning college applications:

Care Solace: