Taylion High Desert Academy Courses

Taylion offers robust digital curriculum for students in grades 6-12. Highly-qualified teachers guide students through their coursework and provide support needed for success. The curriculum and lesson plans are free for enrolled families!

Online College Courses For High School Students Victorville CA

Whether enrolled in our Online, Independent Study, or Home School program, parents can rest assured their children will receive top-quality instruction and curriculum. The digital curriculum features a variety of core, honors, and elective courses with engaging features like videos, interactives, infographics, and more!

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Online Model

Our online model guides students through their learning with engaging, diverse content. A flexible schedule and parent resources ensure each student attains their academic goals and are empowered through regular communication with educational professionals. Online students are welcome to visit any one of our three locations in the High Desert for small group instruction.

Independent Study

Our independent study model supports students who enjoy the flexibility of working at their own pace, while also providing in person small group and one-on-one instruction as needed. Dedicated teachers meet with students twice a week and support success as students take control of their learning.


Our homeschool model helps students and families reach their educational goals with free curriculum, lesson plans, support groups, and regular social events. Families who wish to get more say in their child’s education are supported with teachers who meet monthly or as needed to review, discuss, and foster student progress.

High School English Courses

Looking for an English course online? Taylion offers free online English courses for our enrolled students. Students can take on-level courses, courses designed for struggling students who need to catch up, and even advanced-level courses. High school English courses, also known as English Language Arts or ELA, are focused on composition and literature. Our curriculum is the answer to the question, “where can I find great English courses near me?”

High School Math Courses

Math is one of the broadest subjects in high school. High school students may be in remedial math courses, traditional high school math courses from Algebra to Calculus, or even college math courses. Not all traditional schools have the ability to offer the full range of math courses your student needs. At Taylion, we have a full range of math courses for our students, including online college math courses.

High School Science Courses

Biology, chemistry, and physics may be the most familiar high school science courses, but they are just the beginning of our science offerings at Taylion. Because we offer online science courses, we are able to offer a broader variety of science courses than many brick-and-mortar schools. That allows our students the flexibility to find sciences that interest them.

Taylion Science Courses Victorville CA

High School Social Studies Courses

Today’s high school social studies courses offer students a chance to learn more about the world around them. Social studies courses include geography, history, and government. Online social studies courses are great because they give students the ability to easily go beyond the curriculum to explore facets of social studies that interest them.