Credit Recovery Program In Victorville, CA

Taylion’s Online or In-Person High School Credit Recovery Program is a caring learning community in Victorville, CA! We take pride in our credit recovery program, as it is incredibly beneficial for our undercredited students. Our goal is to help students in need of credit recovery high schools “near me” in Victorville, CA, to create a space where they can learn, grow, and discover. We surround our students with encouragement and teach them persistence, a skill that can be difficult to master in the wrong circumstances. We want to help provide tools and skills needed for students to not only pass, but as excel as well. Our overall goal is to get students to a higher level of education or into a career to help make a bigger difference in the world.

Our credit recovery courses are designed to help you study at your own pace. Studying at your own pace allows you a longer time to absorb material that you may not have understood previously. Our Credit Recovery Program provides a means for you to make up the missed class or needed classes you’ll need in order to meet graduation requirements. This involves taking, or retaking classes that were not completed previously. Once the credit recovery course(s) are passed, you will be back on track to complete all remaining classes required, and be on track to graduate. It also allows you to address concerns or questions with your instructor. Taylion offers open enrollment and year-round learning opportunities that allows students looking for a credit recovery high school “near me” in Victorville, CA, to enroll at any time, and begin the process of getting back on track to graduate.