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Who We Are

Our mission at Taylion Academy is to bridge the achievement gap some students face and help them succeed through a personalized learning model that prepares learners to be college and career ready. Whether they are at, above, or below grade level, we provide three unique pathways designed to help our amazing students reach academic goals and plan for the future:

Online Model

Our online model guides students through their learning with engaging, diverse content. A flexible schedule and parent resources ensure each student attains their academic goals and is empowered through regular communication with educational professionals. Online students are welcome to visit any one of our three locations in the High Desert for small group instruction.

Independent Study

Our independent study model supports students who enjoy the flexibility of working at their own pace, while also providing in-person small group and one-on-one instruction as needed. Dedicated teachers meet with students twice a week and support success as students take control of their learning.


Our homeschool model helps students and families reach their educational goals with a free curriculum, lesson plans, support groups, and regular social events. Families who wish to get more say in their child’s education are supported by facilitators who meet weekly to review, discuss, and foster student progress.

Our Students

With the ability to work from home and on my own schedule, I’m able to expand my learning and time with my family. The online program provides me with tools that I need to achieve success in a world driven by technology. I would highly recommend the online program to students who want to work ahead and challenge themselves academically.

DamirasOnline Program

Taylion Academy has been an experience of a lifetime. Renato has been with the Home School program since 2016 and it has been an amazing academic journey partnered with fantastic personal achievements. This program has allowed us to grow together as a family and be heavily involved in the way he learns - we love it.

Parents of RenatoHomeschool Program

At Taylion, teachers push you to your full potential, even when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. Taylion is a stress-free zone where you can do your work at your own pace. Thank you Taylion Academy for being such a great school, and family.

KaylaIndependent Study

Taylion High Desert Academy’s LCAP


Have you wondered if a brick-and-mortar school is the right choice for your family? Traditional public schools are great, but they are not right for every student and every family. Their one-size-fits-all approach leaves some students behind and struggling to keep up. Taylion Academy is a K-12 Online School that is customizable for your students and their needs. Physically located in Victorville and Adelanto, CA, Taylion Academy provides options for students in Apple ValleyBarstowHesperiaLancasterPalmdale, Big Bear Lake, Big Bear, Crestline, Helendale, Lake Arrowhead, Lucerne Valley, Phelan & Wrightwood CA.

Advantages of Online School

Online school has been a growing option for children who do not fit into the traditional school model. K-12 Online Public School has a track record of working for students with health challenges, for students who are training for athletic events, for children who may need some flexibility, and even for kids who have dealt with challenges like bullying at their home campus. We offer kindergarten, elementary school, high school, summer school, and secondary school education and we are here to fill in the gaps or for your child’s entire education. Many people are looking at online school as a temporary solution because of concerns about in-person school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Charter schools are public schools that are run through private organizations. They are separate from public school boards but must still follow the rules of their charter and rules that apply to public education. They offer educational choices for families whose families may not fit in the traditional public-school model.


Are you looking for an educational opportunity that is:

An online charter school might be the choice for your family then!


While online charter schools do not have to be in the same physical area as their students, many families still feel more comfortable with a local school. Located in Victorville, we are here in the community.