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Q : Is Taylion accredited?
A : Yes. Taylion Academy is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Q : How long will it take me to graduate or catch up on my credits?
A : At Taylion we offer an accelerated program that assists students in earning credits quickly. The length of time a student takes to graduate or catch up is based on how hard the student works and their level of motivation.
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Q: How quickly can I start?
A : Once a student/parent has met with an Enrollment Specialist and completed the enrollment paperwork, they will be scheduled to attend our monthly orientation. After a student and parent have attended orientation, a student may begin his or her journey at Taylion. 

Q : Can I enroll if it is the middle of the semester or if I am behind on credits?
A : Yes. We offer open enrollment throughout the entire school year. We also offer credit recovery for those students who are behind on their credits.

Q : Is there a cost for attending Taylion Academy?
A : Taylion Academy is free and open to the public education with no enrollment fees or tuition.

Q : Does Taylion have a real graduation ceremony?
A : Yes, Taylion graduates and their families and friends are invited to an end-of-the-year graduation ceremony.

Q : Will my credits transfer to my original high school if I decide to return?
A : The acceptance of credits is done on a case-by-case basis, however most schools should have no problem with accepting credits from Taylion Academy.
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Q : What happens if my student is struggling in a subject?
A : Regardless of which program in which they enroll, all students are provided free tutoring as well as the support of their California Credentialed teachers.

Q : Will my student get the opportunity to socialize?
A : At Taylion Academy we are committed to creating an environment that promotes a well-rounded individual. To do so we offer activities throughout the year for students to interact with one another outside of school, such as field trips, skate day, prom, etc.

Q : How old must a student be to enroll?
A : A student must have turned 5 by on or before September 1, and not yet have reached their 19th birthday.

Q : Who can I speak to about my student's behavior?
A : You will have the assistance of your California Credentialed teacher as you and your child work through the educational process.

Q : How will I know if my student is progressing in his or her education?
A : Students are monitored regularly throughout the school year to be sure that they are making appropriate progress. The school staff is in regular communication with parents/guardians and students are issued two progress reports and a report card each semester. 

Q : Is my student safe at Taylion Academy?
A : Our school provides a safe and friendly learning environment where all measures are taken to ensure student safety and comfort.
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Q : Does your school offer a traditional class setting?
A : At Taylion Academy we offer blended learning and online programs. We have resource centers where students are able to receive the assistance they need froma teacher in group or one-on-one settings.

Q : Can I stay longer than my scheduled four hours or come in early if I want to get more work done?
A : In general, yes. Each teacher will make this decision on a case-by-case basis concerning student needs.