Assessment & Testing

Taylion Academy is dedicated to helping students succeed.

We know every student journey is different, which is why we proudly use testing to identify student strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to better support and help guide them toward success. Students complete three benchmarks per year, giving our incredible teachers and staff invaluable information to ensure we’re providing on-going support on an individual level.

Taylion Assessment & Testing
  • Summative Assessments – Along with STAR benchmarks, students complete unit and final exams while mastering standards throughout a course. We also implement CAASPP testing, PFTs, and ELPAC where needed.
  • Formative Assessments – Low-stakes assessments such as lesson practice questions, discussion questions, graphic organizers, and other evaluations provide real-time insights to where students are succeeding or struggling. Teachers are able to provide immediate feedback and monitor student progress before student mastery is measured at the end of a unit or course.