3rd Grade Online Learning Programs

Parents in some counties of California can choose to send their children to Taylion Academy for the flexibility and freedom offered by our online classes. We are a leading provider of 3rd grade online learning throughout the state. We offer a curriculum that prepares students to continue their education with Taylion Academy or to transfer to any other school in the state.

Virtual Online School Victorville CA

Offering the Best Online Learning for 3rd Graders

All students do not learn in the same way. For many children, the distractions and the large class sizes in schools throughout California are simply not a good learning environment and experience.

We provide free online learning for 3rd graders that allows your child to learn at his or her own pace, ensuring they have concept mastery. Our courses are designed to offer students the personalized support they need to succeed. The experienced teachers and staff are here to support parents and students in completing their academic studies and progressing to the next grade level.

Academic and Whole Child Focus

Our online courses for 3rd graders focus on the fundamentals of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, physical education, and social students. Students also choose from electives that allow them to explore their own interests. An added benefit of online learning is that students gain experience in using educational technology, which is an essential life skill to master.

If you are interested in learning more about online classes for 3rd graders at Taylion Academy, reach out to our enrollment specialists today at 760-951-5501.

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