Back To School 5th Grade Online Courses

As children get older, traditional school classrooms may not be their ideal educational setting. This is often the case with children with different learning styles and abilities, including gifted kids and students who may need more time to master educational concepts.

In some counties of California, parents have turned to Taylion Academy for a range of different online learning options. We provide free online learning for 5th graders that meets the requirements set forth by the state. In addition, each of our courses is designed to ensure students have the time, support, and necessary understanding to move forward and be successful.

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Charter School Online Classes for 5th Graders

As a charter school, we offer free online classes for 5th graders that focus on the academic core subjects of language arts, sciences, social studies, mathematics, and physical education. Students also choose elective programs that allow them to pursue their own areas of interest.

Students enrolled in our online courses for 5th graders have support from our highly experienced teachers, ensuring they have the one-on-one online or on-campus help they need. Parents also have access to resources and help from our caring and compassionate faculty to manage the curriculum and support online learning for their 5th graders.

If your child is struggling in school, or if a traditional classroom is not a good fit, choose Taylion Academy’s online learning for back-to-school in 5th grade.

For more details on enrollment or our online classes, call Taylion Academy at 760-951-5501.

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