Explore The Benefits Of Dual Enrollment For High School Students

Taylion Academy High School courses are designed to create opportunities for students throughout California. Our programs are developed with the goal of providing students with various opportunities and pathways to achieve their academic potential.

For many of our students, an online dual credit program provides accelerated learning opportunities. Choosing dual enrollment for high school students allows the student to take both our online courses and courses through community colleges throughout the state.

The benefit to students choosing dual enrollment online summer courses or courses throughout the year is faster completion of required material and earlier graduation. This is also a possible option for students who need credit recovery at any time of the year.

Customized Solutions for Dual Credit Classes for Homeschoolers

High school students completing their courses through Taylion Academy will find the dual enrollment process is a natural fit. Our flexible online courses allow students to complete their academic studies at a time and a place that works for their lives. Taking classes at a local community college and completing our online courses provides the opportunity for students to structure their day and maximize their study time.

If you are looking for dual enrollment in California, talk to a Taylion Academy counselor today. We can help you design custom dual enrollment for high school students that supports your learning goals.

To find out more, call us today at 760-951-5501 or reach us online for answers to your enrollment questions.