Traditional Learning Through Online Classes For Kindergarten

Children mature differently, and for many younger children, having the ability to stay at home in kindergarten and throughout their elementary years provides time to gain confidence and build a solid academic foundation.

In California, families can choose to have their young child attend an online kindergarten program at Taylion Academy. We offer students throughout the state the opportunity to utilize technology through kindergarten virtual learning classes.

The Benefits of Online Classes for Kindergarten

Young children often have difficulty adjusting to the more confining and conventional classroom days and experiences in local schools. Choosing homeschool programs for kindergarten students allows the family to structure the academic activities to the child’s specific needs.

Kids can take breaks, review material until they have mastery of the concept, and work at their own pace, all customized to their unique needs. Choosing Taylion Academy as your online kindergarten ensures quality academic programming in traditional subjects such as math, reading, shapes, time, and writing. Our online kindergarten allows students to learn essential skills they need to continue in our academy or to move into a traditional classroom.

A Non-Traditional Option

Even though our online kindergarten program is non-traditional, our teachers and support staff are committed to your child’s success. We provide support, resources, and assistance to families interested in homeschooling their child with our online learning academy from kindergarten to graduation.

The best way to determine if kindergarten virtual learning is the best option for your child is to talk to our intake staff. Call Taylion Academy today at 760-951-5501 for more information. You can also reach out to us online for answers to your questions.