Foster A Love Of Learning with Online Preschool Classes

Throughout California, Taylion Academy offers parents an alternative to a traditional school setting for children from kindergarten to high school graduation. Our online programs are designed to engage students at an age-appropriate level while also providing fun activities, interactions, and an inclusive school experience.

Attending online preschool classes allows children to spend more time at home, which is essential for many families. Not all children mature at the same rate, and some children benefit from a more comfortable learning environment that offers greater flexibility and individualization than a classroom setting.

Child-Focused Online Preschool Programs

The experienced certified teachers and the caring support staff at Taylion Academy work with both students and families. We provide resources for parents while also offering individual support and regular meetings.

Our online education for preschoolers includes a variety of academic subjects and concepts, including the foundations for math, writing, reading, time, and shapes. Students are encouraged to find areas of interest and to become curious about learning through fun activities and age-appropriate academics.

Exceptional Online Education for Preschoolers

Parents in California looking for a virtual preschool near me can contact Taylion Academy for more information on our programs. We are a free public charter school that provides education for students from preschool through high school graduation. Students can also attend traditional classrooms with the educational foundation they receive at Taylion Academy.

For more information on any of our academic programs, send us a message online or call our enrollment specialists at 760-951-5501.