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Our homeschool program is designed to allow parents to have more say in their child’s education while still meeting California State Standards. Each child is assigned to a credentialed facilitator that works in partnership with the parent to help students in grades K-12 reach their academic goals.
  • Our Taylion facilitator is a credentialed teacher that is available to provide academic support and supply parents with no cost curriculum, lesson plans, and regular socialization activities.
  • Students and parents connect on a weekly basis and meet during their scheduled appointments.
  • Students work on all 6 subjects throughout the semester.
  • Parent has the opportunity to enhance their child’s education by incorporating outside resources such as: museum visits, amusement parks, volunteer opportunities and more.

Independent School

Our independent study program is a great option for 7-12 grade students. Students are provided with a flexible schedule, small group, and one-on-one instruction. This program is a great opportunity for students to either catch up or get ahead on credits for high school graduation. They have the opportunity to take control of their education and their futures.
  • Students meet with teacher twice a week for a minimum of 1 hour at their scheduled appointment.
  • Students work on 2 classes every 6 weeks.
  • Counselor assigns coursework, the teacher facilitates learning and monitors progress.
  • Teachers stay in constant communication with parents to ensure student success in the program.


Our program gives access to an online learning platform that guides students in grades 9-12 through their educational journey. The program provides flexibility, diverse lesson plans, and parent support while ensuring that students are reaching their educational goals. The curriculum and lesson plans are at no cost for families enrolled in our school.
  • Students are assigned English and Math courses through the Apex platform while all other courses are done through our Taylion digital curriculum.
  • Chromebooks are available to students for those in need, and coursework will be accessible for those without internet access.
  • In order to best fulfill the needs of the student’s academic plans, Taylion provides wrap-around services with a team of educational professionals, your team is composed of an academic instructor, learning coach, and counselor.
  • Communication is maintained on a regular basis through phone, email, virtual meetings, instant messages, and more.
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