A Unique Online School For 6th Grade

Taylion Academy offers parents of children from K-6 and middle to high school the option of homeschooling and independent learning programs. Our 6th-grade online school meets the requirements of the state of California, and students completing this grade can continue at Taylion or return to a traditional classroom setting.

Virtual Online School Victorville CA

Comprehensive Free Online Learning for 6th Graders

As a charter school, Taylion Academy offers free online courses for sixth graders in certain counties of California. Our online learning environment makes it easy for families to access our online courses and educational content.

Online courses for 6th graders give the family the option to set study hours and be flexible with breaks. Our programs offer time for students to master the concepts in language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education. In addition, students have a choice of electives to explore learning opportunities and areas of interest.

Although we are an online school for the 6th grade, we offer one-on-one support online and on our campuses. Students and teachers can meet throughout the year, and our teachers are here as a resource to help parents manage the curriculum and provide the best educational instruction and support for their children. Students are also invited to attend different social events and activities throughout the school year to become a part of our community.

For answers to your questions about Taylion Academy’s online classes for 6th graders, contact our team at 760-951-5501.

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