Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Online High School In Victorville, CA

Offering Options for Your Teenager

Is your teenager struggling in high school? While some people look back on high school as the best time of their lives, many kids really struggle through those years. That is because the standard public high-school model can take a cookie-cutter approach to education. While it may work for a lot of kids, it is not right for all kids. Fortunately, Taylion High Desert Academy is a free online high school available for students in the Victorville, CA area.

Charter Schools

Looking at the high schools near me, many people think that their options are limited to the public and private schools in their area. However, there is another option: charter high schools near me. Charter high schools are public schools that are run outside of the school board system. While they have to comply with state standards, they are generally privately run, which allows them to exercise greater flexibility with their students. This makes them a great option for non-traditional students.

Online Schools

Whether you are a current student or parent looking for nearby high schools or an adult looking to return to high school, online schools can really increase your options. At Taylion, we offer high school classes for traditional students, a summer program for high school, and an accredited high school diploma online for adults. This lets students do whatever works for them, whether it is:

  • Catching up
  • Staying on track, or
  • Getting ahead

Increase Your Options

Even students who normally excel in brick-and-mortar schools are finding the environment challenging in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are concerned about the uncertainty that a traditional public school has while trying to educate children in a pandemic, choosing an online charter school is a great option. Designed to teach online, our programs are not disrupted by different waves of illness, and students are not exposed to potential infection.