Career and College Readiness

Today, students need to be prepared to compete in a post-High School world that demands more than just basic skills.  At Taylion, we believe that all students should be college and/or career ready after graduating from high school. A mastery of English Language Arts, Math, History, Civics, Science, Art and Music should be obtained by the time a student finishes High School in order to enter a post-secondary education, job training, or even the military. Students must also be able to communicate effectively (written and verbally), think critically, develop arguments, solve problems and gather and interpret data so that they can be successful in a post-secondary education or career. 

The State of California defines general expectations that must be met for all students to enter college and workforce training programs.

Our counselors offer mentoring support to our students about their next steps after graduating high school through exploration and a planning process to ease the transition from High School to their chosen post-secondary pathway.  Our counselors will facilitate career exploration and planning and self-analysis  to help students understand their options post-graduation. 

We also offer information regarding ACT/SAT exams, College information, and completing a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Graduation Requirements

No matter how or why you join the Taylion family, we are here to support you at every step.  When you enroll, you will meet with a counselor to discuss your plans before and after graduation.  To look at head at our graduation requirements check HERE