Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Online Charter, Elementary & High School In Adelanto, Ca

So Much More Than Homeschool

Looking for non-traditional options for your kids? Many parents think that any school where the kids are learning at home is homeschool. While homeschooling can be a great option for some parents, it requires parents to act as the teacher and be a part of the everyday curriculum. Taylion High Desert Academy is an online virtual academy that serves students in and around the Adelanto, CA area.

Is a Public Charter School Right for Me?

Many people have questions about charter schools. They are a way of increasing educational options for regular students. While the privileged have always had access to educational choices through private schools, most people have no other option than to place their children in local public schools. However, sometimes those schools are not the right choice for your family. Some reasons parents give us for wanting options to include:

  • The high schools near me are not academically challenging.
  • The elementary schools near me have a bullying problem.
  • My child does not do well in a traditional school environment.

Should I Choose an In-Person or Online Charter School?

If you do decide to explore a charter school for your student, you will need to choose between in-person or online school. Picking the right choice for your family depends on why you are looking outside of the traditional school environment.

  • Does your child have a problem sitting still in school?
  • Does your child need a flexible schedule?
  • Does your child have a sport or hobby that requires additional time?
  • Does your child need an independent study program?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then your family may benefit from the flexibility of online schooling.

The Pandemic and Online Schooling

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many people to look for alternatives to traditional schools. The fear of exposure, especially for students as young as kindergarten, who cannot be vaccinated, has many parents fearing sending their children to school. Other parents worry about how their kids will handle it if they have to pivot back and forth from in-person to online school environments, and want the consistent environment offered by online charter schools.