Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Online Charter, Elementary & High School In Apple Valley, Ca

Stop the Struggle

Are you the parent of a child who hates school? Do you spend hours after work helping your kids with homework? Does school regularly lead to tears, either yours or your kids? If so, Taylion High Desert Academy’s online virtual academy might be right for you. Online charter schools are growing in popularity and Taylion High Desert Academy in Barstow is happy to serve students in Apple Valley, CA, and the surrounding area.

What Is a Charter School?

Many people are confused about what a charter school is. Charter schools are not private schools, though they are privately controlled. Instead, they are public schools, which means that they have to comply with applicable state standards. However, they are privately run. This means that they have greater flexibility than traditional public schools.

Are There Online High Schools Near Me?

Yes. Taylion High Desert Academy offers online TK-12 education. From kindergarten homeschool programs to elementary and secondary school programs, it offers a great online solution for public school students. We also offer programs for adults returning for their high school diploma and for students who need to have an independent study program.

Why Do Families Choose Online Charter Schools?

Our families give us many reasons for choosing online schools. Some reasons they give are:

  • There is too much bullying at the elementary schools near me.
  • We are unhappy with the academic environment at our local schools.
  • My child is behind in school and needs to catch up.
  • My child is ahead at school and needs a more challenging curriculum.
  • My kid is an athlete and needs time to train.
  • My child has a health condition that is disruptive in a brick-and-mortar environment.

Find out More

To get more information so you can decide if an online school might be the right choice for your family, contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.