A Free TK-12 Online Charter School For Students In Big Bear, CA

Parents in and around Big Bear, CA, looking for a school offering independent study near me for their child or children have found the ideal solution at Taylion Academy. We are a free TK-12 online charter school offering educational services and support for children from kindergarten through to grade 12 graduation.

Our programs are customized to meet the needs of our students. We provide three paths or options for our students and families, including our online model, independent study, and online homeschool programs. Each program offers the student the opportunity to work in small groups at nearby high schools or in a small group at the nearest elementary school to me for personalized instruction. Students can also interact with our teachers remotely, eliminating the need to come into a school while still providing exceptional educational support.

Moving to Taylion Academy

While many of our students begin their academic studies at our kindergarten school, we also welcome students at any time throughout their academic careers. Many of our middle and high school students come to Taylion Academy when traditional classroom instruction is not meeting their needs.

We specialize in providing students and families with an option for independent study near me. Our programs are designed for students at any level of performance, including those struggling with academics and high achieving students. If you are in the Big Bear, CA, area and would like to learn more about our programs, call us at 760-951-5501.