Options For Students And Families For Independent Study Near Me In Big Bear Lake, CA

Not all students and families in Big Bear Lake, CA, are the same. At Taylion Academy, we recognize that these differences sometimes make traditional schools difficult for students and parents. To address this issue, we offer a fully personalized TK-12 online charter school that is free to attend for all students in the area.

Our Approach to Education

Unlike the nearest elementary school to me or a nearby high school, we complete our academic programs online or through our homeschool courses. Students also have the option to complete independent study near me, which offers even more flexibility combined with small group study and teacher interaction with the students twice a week.

Our online homeschool programs are designed to assist the families, provide opportunities for social events and support, and meet with the parents on a weekly basis. Our goal is to support families in the Big Bear Lake, CA, area to homeschool their children and have the resources and information they need to ensure their children have the academic progress needed for a successful transition from high school to a career or college degree course.

Students have the freedom to choose when throughout the day to study and even choose where to study. At the same time, our teachers and small groups provide feedback and opportunities to have interactions and support from others.

From kindergarten school to high school graduation, Taylion Academy is here to support all learners. For more information about our programs, call us today at 760-951-5501.