The Nearest Elementary School To Me Is In My Own Home in Crestline, CA

Parents and students in and around Crestline, CA, will find that the nearest elementary school to me, as well as the nearest middle and high school, is as close as your computer. Taylion Academy is a TK-12 online charter school that offers three different paths to learning for students from kindergarten to high school graduation.

Options for Independent Study Near Me

Our programs include online, independent study, and online homeschool programs. All three of our paths include support from highly experienced and dedicated teachers, offering one-on-one support and small group classes. Students have the opportunity to interact with each other and with teachers, combining the flexibility of independent and online learning with the fun and connections of working with classmates and teachers.

Students can start their academic careers in our Taylion Academy kindergarten school, or they can join us in elementary, middle, or high school. Many students in the Crestline, CA, area come to us from nearby high schools where the large class sizes and more structured educational programs simply were not effective or beneficial.

The goal at Taylion Academy is to create flexible educational options that help children to move toward college and careers. As a free public charter school, we offer freedom for students and families while still providing support through in-person or remote meetings with teachers.

The Benefits

Taylion Academy allows students and families to create their own learning experiences. With our programs, students have the time and support needed to master concepts and explore areas of interest in the curriculum.

For more information, contact our staff at 760-951-5501.